Stored: 35 x 500mL + 1.5L of bits in the fridge + 3 x med. ziplock bags of shreds

What I did:
  1. An entire bag(50lbs?) of "Deer Carrots"(minus the nasty ones) topped and tailed and scrubbed well 
  2. Run through the food processor "cube" attachment
  3. Fill jars with carrots and boiling water
  4. Can them up

Notes on this batch: 
  • Holy moly this was easy! 
  • My canner can hold 18 'pint'(500mL) jars(9/layer) and not the 20 the canner book says
  • I did do up an entire 36 jars but one lid was slightly dinted and didn't seal. We ate it for dinner the next night and the carrots were tasty.