Beans (white pea beans)

Canned: 2022-09-28

Stored: 3 x 500mL

What I did:

  1. 2 cups/454 g/1 lb of Thompson’s “White pea beans”
  2. Soaked overnight (12+ hours)
  3. Set up canning supplies with canner & it’s water slowly warming up on 5. 
  4. Drained & put in potato pot with water to fill & teeniest pinch of baking soda to cancel any well acidity. 
  5. Brought to boil skimming starch from the top. 
  6. Filled jars with hot tap water to warm them. 
  7. When boil reached, boiled beans 2 min. 
  8. Put in warm jars without cooking water. Added boiling water from kettle. Made two full jars. One 2/3 beans but topped with boiling water to  1” headspace. 
  9. Lids and into canner
  10. Closed canner and turned up to 7 until some steam. Then cranked to full. 
  11. Waited for full steam and set timer for 10 min. 
  12. After 10 min venting , applied weight. 
  13. Waited for pressure to climb. Reduced heat by one at 9lbs,10lbs, 11lbs and 12lbs (now at med)
  14. Started 75min timer at 11lbs
  15. it still climbed to 13 and so I turned it down to 3. Then it started to drop with 70 min on the timer. 
  16. Hit 12 lbs at 68 min on timer. Hit 11lbs with 65 min on timer. 
  17. Watching to see if it needs more heat or no. 
  18. Lil more heat and seems to have stabilised at 11lbs on 4 with 61 min on the timer. 
  19. Spent the next hour scrolling and minutely adjusting up and down to keep at 11lbs. 
  20. Timer went off, turned off heat and let it drop naturally. 12:09pm
  21. Dang it. 12:19pm At 5 lbs now and I can smell bean-ish-ness near the canner. Probably means siphoning but maybe worse. It’s sounded like popcorn in there for a while now and idk if it’s bubbles or a broken jar. 
  22. Hit 0lbs and started 20 min timer at 12:30pm… 3 min later the pressure lock dropped so I reset the 20 min timer. 
  23. When timer done, removed weight and unlocked/gapped lid. Timer for 5 min. (Very bean-y and kinda bad smell now. 
  24. Heard a ping with 1:20 left on timer. Second ping at :40 on timer. 
  25. After timer, removed lid and removed jars to trivet.
  26. All 3 seem completely fine and popped down. No severe siphoning. (Smell must have been a small amount of siphoning mixed with the dash of vinegar in the canner water.)
  27. Leaving them to settle for the rest of the day. Currently 1:05pm 

Notes on this batch:

  • Realizing now I forgot to include salt which may result in softer beans.
  • Reduce heat sooner with emptier canner loads.
  • Since the full ones seem a little too full, I’m thinking beans to the shoulder and then boiling water to the 1”/neck for next time. This would have made 3 full jars.