Rosehip Jelly (fixed)

Canned: 2022-11-07

Stored: 11 x 125mL + one that didn't seal in the fridge

What I did:

  1. Opened all the jars of the Rosehip Jelly into the stock pot
  2. Added 1.5 tsp citric acid and cooked it a bit but it wasn't thickening up
  3. Grabbed a pkt of pectin and read the instruction booklet
  4. Boiled the pectin in some water in a smaller pot for a minute
  5. Added the pectin water to the still boiling jelly base
  6. Another minute or two of boiling and it started thickening
  7. Jared up and water bathed canned for 5 min

Notes on this batch:

  • Lost a little less than a cup of liquid in the reboiling so there was exactly a dozen 1/2 cup jars
  • Maybe next time, just use the pkt and don't trust the crab apples to pull the weight. lol
  • 2022-11-14 two jars are not sealed anymore. Don’t know why they didn’t stay stuck. Going to keep an eye out. 
  • 2022-11-17 another jar isn't sealed anymore. It's probably the same reason a bunch of the chilli's didn't seal in the first place. The reuseable lids have different instructions to the disposable ones and I don't think these got tightened down when they came out of the canner.