Fermented/Pickled Beets

Brined: 2022-12-07

Refrigerated: 2023-01-06

Stored: 1L

What I did:

  1. 221207 afternoon
    • peeled and sliced beets to fill 1L jar
    • Poured in 2% salt solution
    • Pickle pipe lid & set in tray on counter
  2. Evening of 221208
    • noticed some liquid seeping from pickle pipe, cleaned off with paper towl and went to bed
  3. Morning of 221209
    • there was a large overflow
    • Removed lid and puck rinsing off all the mess in the tray too
    • Removed 5 beet slices and deboubled with debubler tool
    • Topped up with more 2% salt solution
    • Replaced puck and pipe lid and returned to the tray
  4. 221224
    • No further severe bubbling over. Ocasionally tipped to make bubbles rise up the sides.
    • Decided to taste test today. No real zip to it so not acidic enough yet.
    • No yeast floating or mold or anything so we wait more.
  5. 2023-01-06
    • No further bubbles, seems acidic enough
    • Small amount of yeast on surface, scooped off & washed the weight
    • Removed pipe, replaced with solid lid
    • Put in basement fridge

Notes on this batch:

  • Leave more room for fermentation.