Canned: 2023-01-12

Stored: 1 x 1L of wings(for soup later), 2 x 500mL with drumsticks and chunks(1 didn't seal), 8 x 500mL boneless chunks(1 didn't seal)


What I did:

  1. Deboned, cut into pieces and raw packed 3 whole chickens (backbone, skin, bones, etc set aside for broth).
  2. Wiped rims with vinegar, placed lids on & loaded canner
  3. Slowly heated canner to prevent heat stress on the cold jars and then processed at 11lbs for 75 min
  4. After cooling/depressurisation, tightened rims & left to cool
  5. After a fully cool, tested seals reveal two that didn't seal and needed to go in the fridge

Notes on this batch:

  • Drumsticks are hell to debone. I only did two before giving up and canning the other 4 with the bones. 
  • The breasts and thighs were carefully deboned and chunked up so it's clear which jars have bones in
  • The drumsticks barely fit so I'm thinking they should go in a 1L with the wings next time.