Stewing Beef

Canned/sealed/etc: 2023-01-01

Stored: 4 x 500mL


What I did:

  1. Chopped
  2. Browned
  3. Pinch of salt & 2 dashes of Worcestershire per jar
  4. Added meat as evenly as possible & filled to shoulder with boiling water
  5. Wiped rims & gently put on boiled lids
  6. Processed at 11lbs for 75 min
  7. After canner cooldown/depressurise process, tightened lids & left to cool completely overnight
  8. Seals tested and jars washed in the morning

Notes on this batch:

  • Didn't think to weight the meat before adding water. Best guess by adding some water to a jar with a lid to tare the scale says about 150g(approx 1/3 lb) of meat per jar. (the liquid will also likely be delicious)
  • Could probably fit more meat per jar next time. Maybe 250 g. for nice round numbers