Baked: 2023-04-24

Made: full 9X13 pan

References: pasta everything else: winged it

What I did:

  1. Cooked 1 lb ground beef with Italian seasoning, salt, and oregano as well as thin sliced celery and a diced onion
  2. Added 2 cans tom paste and 1 can diced tom, simmered stirring occasionally while making pasta
  3. Made pasta based on reference link using ATK AP flour (3 eggs, 2+ cups flour, 1/2 tsp xanthan)
  4. Cut into 1/3s and rolled out into thin sheets and cut to size(kept 1/3s in plastic to keep humidity)
  5. Assembled 9x13 pan with the following layers:
    • thin layer of meat/tomato sauce(keeps noodles from sticking/getting crunchy)
    • noodles
    • cottage cheese and thin slice mushrooms
    • meat/tomato sauce
    • shredded cheddar and parm
    • noodles
    • cottage cheese and mushrooms
    • meat/tomato sauce
    • shredded cheddar and parm
    • noodles
    • last of the cottage cheese and mushrooms
    • last of the meat sauce
    • shredded cheddar and parm
  6. Baked in 375 oven for 30-40 min
  7. Let rest 10 min

Notes on this batch:

  • Delicious.
  • The pasta was as thin as I could make it rolling out with a water glass, but because it was thicker than usual, it was a bit firm. Rolling thinner would help(and would provide more noodles to separate sauce and cottage cheese).
  • The top layer of shredded cheese was sparse and it would have done better with more cheese
  • I'm pretty sure there's something about mixing raw eggs with cottage/ricotta cheese before baking but I didn't try it this time, but it would make it easier to spread. Maybe next time.
  • This was WAY too much food for us. lol. With a side (so it doesn't look lonely on the plate) it could easily serve 8. 
  • If serving for guests I'd up the ground beef to 2 lbs,  egg the cottage/ricotta cheese, go heavy on the shredded cheese on top, and serve with a light salad.