Apple Butter

Cooked: 2022-09-17 to 18

Stored: Zero

What I did:

  1. Figured a crock pot would save me from having to stir every 15 min
  2. Peeled up a stockpot of apples again
  3. Ran apples through the shredder attachment of the food processor to avoid having to fuss with the sieve again
  4. Cooked with no extra water to hopefully have less water to cook off
  5. Cooked in the stock pot until it fit in the slow cooker
  6. Cooked in a slow cooker on low the rest of the day, stirring every couple hours
  7. It hadn't reduced much by bed time so I turned it down to "keep warm" and went to sleep
  8. Woke up to burnt & very bitter apple butter that still had loose water/ bad texture

Notes on this batch:

  • Do not trust the crockpot overnight
  • Apple butter seems to do best when stirred very frequently
  • The sieve seems to give a smoother texture than the masher and that may be key