Chicken Bits

Canned: 2022-10-02

Stored: 8 x 500mL

What I did:

  1. After the party I separated chicken from bone
  2. Set up bones to make stock
  3. Refrigerated meat overnight due to time constraints
  4. --- Next Evening ---
  5. Cut up meat into bits & weighed it to figure out how many jars
  6. Reheated meat with some steam in the crock pot
  7. Reheated Broth on the stove
  8. Put meat in jars 1/2 way, put broth to same level & debubbled/packed down meat
  9. Added more meat, debubbled/packed and adjusted broth as needed
  10. Vinegar swiped all rims and Lids and into canner
  11. med for a bit them max til venting
  12. 10 min vent, 75 min process, took a long while to hit zero
  13. dial said zero but still seeping/ lock up
  14. When lock dropped set timer 15 min
  15. After timer removed weight and lid and reset timer
  16. After timer removed jars to towel
  17. Some minor siphoning(water cloudy) but all jars still have decent liquid
  18. Quickly recognised one was not likely to seal (not bubbling & lid up)
  19. Confirmed 1hr later that the lid had not popped down even though the others were still vacuum boiling while cool enough to touch
  20. Switched the one jar to a plastic lid and refrigerated
  21. ---Next morning ---
  22. Confirmed seals and washed/labeled jars

Notes on this batch:

  • When separating chicken, use several plates to lay it out to cool.
  • Got about 4.4kg (9lbs 10oz) from the aprox 5 chickens in the crock pot(one didn't fit and went into the fridge right after baking, and we ate another 1-1.5 chickens)
  • This was my first time canning meat and I was so worried I wasn't going to get any to seal so I'm happy with the one failure in nine.
  • I need to root out this siphoning issue. It's likely a technique problem as I had left the right headspace.