Chicken Broth

Started: 2022-10-01

Canned: 2022-10-03

Stored: 9 x 250mL

What I did:

  1. After separating meat from bone I put all the bones and gristle and such into the stock pot will all the drippings from earlier plus some water.
  2. Simmered on low overnight.
  3. --- Next morning ---
  4. took out out skins, bones, etc with mesh strainer
  5. Put in fridge/freezer to chill the fat layer
  6. --- That evening ---
  7. Removed as much grease from the surface as possible.
  8. Heated to boil and used to make Chicken Bits
  9. Put back in the freezer due to time constraints
  10. --- Next day ---
  11. Heated up the very frozen broth until boiling
  12. Portioned evenly into 12 jars and topped up the last few mm with boiling water to get 1" headspace
  13. Wiped rims with wet papertowel (maybe should have used vinegar?) 
  14. Put lids on and jars into very hot canner
  15. Closed canner and heated on 7 until boiling noises, then cranked to max
  16. vent 10 min and put on weight
  17. turned down to 7 when 9lbs to creep up on 11lbs
  18. started timer for 20 at 11lbs and babysat it
  19. after timer, turned off heat and waited for 0lbs/lock drop
  20. after lock drop, set timer for 15 min
  21. after timer, lifted weight and opened canner and restarted 15 min timer
  22. no obvious siphoning
  23. after timer took jars out
  24. 2 hrs of cooling later, 3 had not sealed. They got poured into a 1L jar and put in the fridge for later
  25. The other 9 got labels and stored

Notes on this batch:

  • no obvious siphoning
  • 3/12 unsealed. (not good) maybe due to not using vinegar to wipe rims?
  • looks unappetising with floating silt. maybe filter through cheesecloth or paper filter?