Started: 2022-11-10

Canned: 2022-11-15

Stored: 3 x 500mL + 4 x 250mL + (1 x 500mL in fridge, didn't seal)

What I did:

  1. Leftover lamb bones roasted in oven
  2. 7L water plus Lamb bones plus juices/veg from roasting lamb shanks plus bit from broth bits container in freezer
  3. Boiled hard for a few hours, simmered over night, 
  4. Brought back to a hard boil for 30 min next morning
  5. Strained out bones/etc
  6. Broth into fridge to set up for a day
  7. Skimmed fat, decanted clear off the cloudy and discarded cloudy, put clear back in fridge
  8. Used 2 cups for stew Nov 14th
  9. next day heated to a boil for 15 min
  10. Jarred and pressure canned at 11lbs for 20 min

Notes on this batch:

  • remembered to put reusable lids on loosely and tighten after canning this time.
  • One jar wasn't sealed when tested