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Ginger Bug

Started Fermentation: 2022-11-26

Fridged for Storage: 2022-12-03

Stored: 1L

What I did:

  1. Buried ginger for a day or two to make sure it wasn't sterile.
  2. Rinsed off the soil.
  3. 30mL grated ginger + 30mL sugar + 3.5 cups water
  4. Mixed in 1L jar and capped with a pickle pipe before placing jar in a dish to prevent overflow problems
  5. Next few days 5mL grated ginger + 5mL sugar and a stir before capping again
  6. Sat Dec, 3 it went in the fridge with a solid plastic cap instead of the pickle pipe.

Notes on this batch:

  • Simple process and cheap ingredients. Does require daily attention though.
  • Makes a nice warming sweet liquid that tastes good in juice.