Apple Pie

Baked: 2022-12-30

Yield: One Pie, One 1L jar of pie crust

References: Back of the pie tin and just guessing

What I did:

  1. Frozen GF pie crusts
  2. Two jars of Apple bits
  3. cinnamon, allspice, clove
  4. Tapioca starch
  5. Some sugars
  6. Ascorbic acid
  1. Cook apple bits with a good dose of cinnamon and a small pinch of the clove and allspice.
  2. Added tapioca starch to thicken it up.
  3. Added stuff based on taste. The sugar helped the spices mellow, but the apples were too plain so I added a bit of sour in the form of ascorbic acid and it made everything just pop.
  4. Followed directions on the box of crusts which involved defrosting one crust and reforming it between two pieces of parchment, as well as slightly defrosting the other.
  5. Filled the lower crust with filling and topped with the other crust pinching to seal and cut vent holes
  6. Baked at 375F for an hour
  7. Cooled on a rack for a few hours
The rest of the filling went into a jar and into the fridge.

Notes on this batch:

  • Surprisingly good considering it's deer apples and not proper pie varieties.