Plain Beans

Canned: 2023-03-06

Stored:  5x500ml white, 5x500ml black, 5x500ml kidney, 1x500ml mixed + 1.5L of quick soaked white beans in the fridge

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What I did:

  1. A little over 3L of beans of various types sorted and quick soaked
  2. Prepped canning gear
  3. Drained beans and filled jars
  4. Topped jars with boiling water and debubbled
  5. Put lids on gently and loaded canner
  6. Processed at 11 lbs for 75 min
  7. Tightened lids and let them sit overnight
  8. Checked the seals in the morning

Notes on this batch:

  • Everything sealed. :-)
  • Started with 1L of black beans, less than 1L of kidey/red beans, over 1L of white beans.
  • The red and black beans are the same colour now and I can't really tell them apart
  • 2023-03-25 while checking jars, found one had unsealed. Disposed of it.