Corn Cob Broth

Corn Cob Broth

Canned: 2023-09-17

Stored: 12 x 500mL

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What I did:


  • 6L water
  • 4 corn cobs
  • 1 cooking onion
  • A few(10?) peppercorns and rocks of pink salt
  • A pinch of red pepper flakes
  • (also threw in a porkchop bone because why not)


  1. Boil all ingredients for an hour or two but not longer
  2. Strained broth through mesh sieve & ladeled into jars
  3. Wiped rims with vinegar
  4. Applied lids & rings
  5. Put in canner & put on lid without weight
  6. Heated SLOWLY on medium to very hot before cranking to high
  7. Wait for steam and vent for 10 min
  8. Add weight and turn dial down to 7 so it pressurizes more slowly than usual(broths/juices need babying)
  9. 11lbs for 20 min(reducing dial as needed to keep the pressure in the zone
  10. Instead of turning off, turn dial to low to depressurize slowly for a few minutes (I waited until below 9lbs) then turn off and let sit very still with no breeze so it can cool down as slowly as possible.
  11. Once the pressure has dropped, wait 10 min before each step:
    • remove weight
    • unlatch lid
    • remove lid
    • start removing jars
  12. as each jar is removed from the canner and placed on the towel, use silicone oven gloves to tighten the ring
  13. Let sit overnight (was 12-16 hours)
  14. Remove rings, check seals, and wash

Notes on this batch:

  • All Sealed!